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Department of Physics
Kang, Byeong Won
Location & Office
S1-1- 309, TEL. +82-43-261-2265
In the 20th century, physicists opened a new era with quantum mechanics and relativity, inventing semiconductors, superconductors, lasers, nuclear energy, display materials, and the internet. In the 21st century, they will produce further creative technologies via interdisciplinary research on NT, IT, and BT. The Department of Physics offers a variety of courses including mechanics, electromagnetism, thermal physics, optics, quantum mechanics, electronics, particle and nuclear physics, statistical physics, biophysics, solid state physics, and lasers as well as various experimental courses. Our faculty members in various fields and the intellectual rigor of the curriculum will help students to develop invaluable skills that can be applied in a diverse range of future careers. The disciplined work habits and analytical skills essential for physics majors are important assets to students preparing for potential careers in engineering, medicine, law, and other areas where mathematical modeling plays a significant role.

After graduating with BS, students can get diverse positions in industries and government with physics related certificates such as electricity, optics, nondestructive inspection, and radioactive isotope treatment. Teaching positions in middle or high schools are also open to graduates. However, graduates with higher degrees (MS or PhD) have better chances to get higher positions in industries, government or research institutes in Korea and even foreign countries because they have been trained as generalists with practical skills suitable for any projects.