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Department of Chemistry
Sung Min Kang
Location & Office
S1-6 - 402, TEL.+82-43-261-2279
Chemistry is the science of molecules and their changes. Chemists are involved i understanding molecules and changing them into new materials wich can affect modern life in many great ways. In the high-tech era of the 21st century, the role ofchemists has become more important from synthesizing pharmaceuticals and manufacturig, new electronic materials, nano- and bio-materials, polymers and ceramics to developing new technologies for disease diagnosis, energy conversion and ceramics to developing new technologies for disease diagnosis, energy conversion and environmental protection. In order to train students to meet these requirements, our department provides broad instruction from basic principles to applications of chemistry in the fields of organic, biological, physical, inorganic and analytical chemistry through lectures and experiments. Currently, fourteen faculty members anre actively engaged in research in various fields of chemistry. They are willing to help undergraduate and graduate students to develop skills, creativity, and independence in their research Graduates with a BS are employed in major companies manufacturing pharmaceuticals, polymers, cosmetics, etc. Many research positions are available for graduates with a MS or PhD in industrial research centers ro national research institutes or universities. They can be an employee of government agencies dealing with chemistry related matters ro a teacher in middle or high school. More professional positions in research institutes or universities are availabel agter 2-3 years of post-doctoral research at home or abroad.