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Astronomy and Space Science

Department of Astronomy and Space Science
Suh, Kyung-Won
Location & Office
S1-4 - 407, TEL. +82-43-261-2312
Established in 1988, the department of Astronomy and space Science at chungbuk National University began to offer a master degree program in 1994, and a doctoral degree program in 1996. Now, thar are 6 full-time faculty members, a number of research associates, about 20 graduate students, and about 140 undergraduate students. The academic program of the department covers a wide range of areas such as stellar astronomy, galactic astronomy, astronomical instruments, and space science. Research in the department covers theoretical and observational studies of stellar, interstellar, and galactic astronomy and many areas of space science. Many of the graduates prefer advanced study in graduate school. Otherwise, public or private institutes related to astronomy education are preferred by graduates. After getting a Ms or PhD degree, the graduate usually prefers a professional research institute such as Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Korea Aerospace Research institute, or a university