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Department of Biology
Hojin Ryu
Location & Office
S1-6 104, TEL. +82-43-261-2291
The Biology Department was established in 1979. The master degree program began in 1983 and the PhD program was initiated in1985. The goal of the program is to provide high quality of professional education for students who wish to gain knowledge about our lives and our world. In order to accomplish the above goal, the undergraduate program is desinged to train students in the fields of systematics, genetics, phyiology, ecology and environmental biology as well as biochemistry and cell biology. The department provides excellent laboratories, up-to-date equipment and facilities for its students, and tries to offer optimal opportunities for scientific research.

Diverse carrer opportunities are available to graduates with such organizations as governmental and commercial agencies, food manufacturing firms, hospitals, and cosmetic companies. After graduating with a BS degree, one may pursue a carrer as a secondary school teacher.

The graduate programs leading to MS and PhD degrees are also available to provide fundamentals for students. The graduate course of the department has two majors: (1) Zoology and Conservation Biology, and (2) botany and Environmental Biology.