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Department of Biochemistry
Young Hee Lee
Location & Office
S1-5- 413, TEL. +82-43-261-2306
The study of biological phenomena at the molecular level has revolutionalized modern life science and at the same time has put life science at the center of natural sciences. Life science will continue to be one of the most exciting and challenging academic fields in the future, and biochemistry will play on essential role in the advancement of life science. Students at the Department of Biochemistry are expected to learn various ares of life science, including biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, protein chemistry, proteomics, immunology, and neurobiology, The Department of Biochemistry has faculty members with internationally competitive research activities and graduate students have opportunities to participate in these programs. In fact, graduate students have many papers published in prestigious journals. Many undergraduate students and most of the graduate students at the Department of Biochemistry are supported by New University for Regional Innovation (NURI) scholarships.

Many students graduating from the Department of Biochemistry enter graduate school for higher degrees (for example, MS. and PhD). MS and PhD degree recipients work in the laboratories of universities, research institutes, and biotechnology companies. Generally, Graduates from the Department of Biochemistry take positions in diverse areas that are related to health, food, and the environment. It is expected that new jobs will be created in the future as life science advances with astonishing speed